a trip into nature

Abel Tasman's coastal explorer

In 1642, just 150 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Abel Janszoon Tasman was diving into the surf to plant the Dutch flag on a beach on the Forestier Peninsula. On this tour we will visit the bays and beaches that Tasman explored and plenty more. You will see the famous "three capes" of the Tasman Peninsular. Here on the tallest sea cliffs in Australia you will see many unusual endemic plants. Amongst the majestic blue gum trees keep an eye out for endangered swift parrots. Out to sea are wheeling sea eagles, shy albatross and Australasian gannets hunting for fish. These seas are home to giant bluefin tuna, seals, dolphins, whales and great white sharks. We will explain why so much of what you see is endangered and tell some good news stories as well.

The Tasman Peninsula is 60 minutes south of Hobart and is simply spectacular. Its personality is ever changing - one day it is serene, the vistas beguiling, whilst the next day it savage, buffeted by wild seas and howling gales. We will walk on a surf beach and poke around little penguin burrows. Sitting on a rock we will enjoy a picnic lunch of fresh local produce with a glass of wine or if you prefer we will drop in to a local eatery.

Allow 8 hours for this experience.

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