a trip into nature

Wilderness Battles and our first National Park

Come on a journey of discovery. Gaze up and up in awe at huge trees, explore Tasmania’s oldest National Park, discover plants that have changed little in millions of years and whose closest relatives are in Japan, New Guinea, Chile and New Zealand. Debate the use of Tasmania’s forests from every angle.

tall trees

We will travel north-west from Hobart, up the Derwent Valley to Mt Field National Park and return through the Styx Valley.

We will ensure that you are literally lost in the forest (for a few minutes anyway - we know the way out!). You can clamber over mossy logs, smell the forest floor and push your hands into the soft earth. Previously home to large numbers of Tasmanian tigers, today these forests support Tasmanian devils, quolls and eagles. You will see wilderness, oldgrowth, regrowth, plantations and forestry coupes that have been clearfelled and burnt. We will lead you through the debates that have produced great swings of the pendulum from frugal use of forests to over exploitation, to wilderness reserves and multiple use. The pendulum is still swinging and there are more than two sides to the arguments about the use of these forests.

Lunch will be a gourmet hamper of the best and freshest local produce, in the bush, next to a pristine river (or if you prefer from a local eatery).

Allow 8 hours for this experience.

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